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KOKO Networks is a technology company that is providing a new e-commerce platform for urban Africa. KOKO has built a network of cloud-connected ATM-like kiosks that provide low-income households with access to goods and services that improve their lives. KOKO’s first product is a modern, cooking solution called “Smart Cook”— a fast, clean and affordable way to cook using liquid ethanol. Beginning in Nairobi, customers can now purchase the SmartCook solution – a two-burner stove, fuel and fuel canister – from local kiosks (or “KOKOpoints”), located in neighborhood convenience stores.          Read More

Amanda Donahue, General Manager of KOKO Networks Kenya

“More than $400 million per year is spent on domestic cooking in Nairobi alone, much of that on slow, dirty and unsafe fuels. SmartCook’s solution is based on a liquid fuel which is cleaner to burn, safer to store, and cheaper to handle than solid or gaseous fuels. As KOKO expands across Nairobi, every resident will finally have access to a better way to cook.” 

Nairobi’s Koko Tech Good News for Forests

Nairobi-based Koko Network will Friday (APRIL 21, 2017) be publicly launched at the Africa Technology Summit in London.

This innovative cloud-based commerce platform enables neighbourhood merchants to grow new lines of business and better serve their regular customers, through partnerships with major suppliers of goods and services. Read More

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